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A Runners’ Legs

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Well here it is spring time and I’ve been running on a pretty good schedule getting ready for outdoor track season. Many probably think because one that runs a lot as a master athlete or any running athlete that their legs are in the best condition. This is true, to a certain extent.

Within the past three months, I have been working good on adding more strengthening workouts to make me a stronger runner and to add some speed. I’ve added a lot of plyometrics exercises working the box and pushing more weights for my legs. I even added wheeled tensioned sled workouts to my routine too.

Now as a runner again some would think there will be no pain or soreness after a leg day workout in the gym. Wrong! When doing many of the leg strengthening work that I do along with Tai Ji practices, I‘m working basically every muscle, tendon, and ligament in my legs. Not just the typical ones used for running. The soreness sometimes catches me by surprise. In areas of my legs where I thought I couldn’t get sore.

It‘s good to work all muscle groups in your legs. The strengthening of them could prevent injuries as well as increase your performance. This is a good thing, especially when you go to use those muscles for track & field events that require you to use them.

So don’t be surprised by the soreness you get from doing different workouts on leg day. Get the most out of leg day so you can be your best on the day or days of your event.

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