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Nothing but success from a trusted running coach.

Currently I'm a part-time Assistant Track and Field Coach at Rutgers University - Camden, NJ. I coach the jumps and sprints. My duties at as a jumps and sprinters coach is to get our athletes ready for competition, have them train at the best of their abilities, to help strengthen their weaknesses, to help perfect their strengths, to allow them to have fun, and to get them to their goals injury free. This is what I want for all of my athletes I coach.

As an athlete myself who still competes and has competed in high school and in college, I am no stranger as you can probably see, to the sport of track and field, cross country, and road racing. When it comes to experience with training or coaching athletes, I have experience with the giving sound training and coaching advice to the everyday athlete that trains for anything from a 55m dash to running a marathon and even to the jumping field events. I provide this training and coaching advice to the running groups that I run with, my athletes at Rutgers University - Camden, and I apply them to myself to as a USATF Master Athlete. I'm also the type of coach that trains with whoever I'm coaching. I will run and jump with you. I often don't sit on the sidelines. I will get out there and provide examples of how to do something. When it comes to age groups, I prefer working with 25 years of age and up but have no problem working with middle school aged kids to adults at the master level. Virtually or in person, I'm here to help athletes to reach their goals and potential.

As a professional and certified running coach, I’ve learned that the journey to success starts from within. That’s why when it comes to running fitness, I stress that the value of every athlete is not only based on their current skill set, but on their passion and desire to grow.

If you are a competitive master athlete 35 years of age and older or compete as a pre-masters athlete and a sub-masters athlete in the age range of 25-34 years of the age, please come and join me today! I also welcome those who just enjoy the sport of running and track/field and just need some help with their training goals and running techniques.

We all need someone to give us that little push to see results and improvements. Let me and my organization be the ones to push you safely and professionally to get to your desired results. We can personally customize a plan for you or you can use the standard plans we have set in the subscriptions. Remember, before starting any physical activity, please get clearance from you physician first and please read our terms, policies, and conditions before starting any training with us.

OK now!! Let's get ready to do this together. Remember iron sharpens iron!  For training packages and schedules, please visit me at

Coach Will Martin,

  • USATF Level 1 Certified

  • Assistant Track and Field Coach Rutgers Univ. - Camden

  • USTFCCCA Track & Field Technical Certified

  • ASFA Running Coach Certified

  • U.S. Center for SafeSport Trained and Certified

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certified


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Helping others to achieve and master their goals one step at a time.

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