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Eat Right for What you are Training for So You Can Perform Better

Breakfast time for this Coach and athlete. I’ve stopped eating bready food products for two weeks now. Usually with this beautiful spinach and sharp cheddar cheese omelette I’ve prepared this morning, I would have a stack of 4-5 waffles or a stack of 4-5 pancakes. Now I’ll have a side of grits or oatmeal.

I’m not training for long races anymore so I don’t need to carb and calorie load as much. I had to adjust my diets based on the events I’m running and training for this season. I also want to lose my gut and reform my abs. Not training for long runs and carb loading is a negative for me. All of those unused calories and carbs for a 50 year old athlete just sits in the gut destroying the definition of the abs. It also makes you sluggish and diminishes performance result. So, a diet change was needed for me. So far so good. I’m down about 2-3lbs and getting closer to my performance/race weigh all without loosing muscle.

Train right, eat right, to perform and race right. It will all meet up at one point and the benefits will be rewarding.

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