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The older athlete and competing in track and field.

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

OK let us have a little discussion about them athletes that just love competition. Them runners. They can run long, they can run fast, they can run mid-ranged miles. They also run in all types of weather. Foggy tracks don't phase them. Harsh summer and winter trainings outside don't phase them. I'm not talking about those AAU Junior Olympic athletes, those high school athletes, those college athletes, or those young professional athletes who participate in track and field and road races. I'm talking about the older runners that fall into the category of master athletes. Who are these superheros and immortal beings? What drives them to keep on competing hard even at the age of 90? Why do some, unlike them, fear competition? Why do some just feed off of competition? Running is truly competition and a battle with yourself. If you think you are good and have that itch to take your training, racing, and running a little further, why not take that battle against others and compete as a master athlete?

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